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    Liviusz Gurbán, Békéscsaba, Szent István tér 7. Habitat-monitoring: Evaluation the current state of Community importance and other plant and animal species and habitats beetles, aquatic invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles. Exploration of threats.

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    Suggestions for improving the state of community habitats. Regional Green Infrastructure Plan ReGrIN Plan : Create a collection of thematic and synthesis maps: Create a NoteBook, which defines the technical infrastructure of the area, land use patterns, and territorial development concepts per area use category.

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    Design the potential components of a green infrastructure and evaluate a Green Infrastructure Plan for the KBC region. Gathering information in the field, regarding the status of protected areas, protected species and habitats, human impact on biodiversity in the target area; evaluation and monitoring of some environmental parameters, with respect to habitat quality and suitability for protected areas, respectively with respect to sustainable use of natural resources.

    Protected areas administrators will be questioned with respect to human economical activities which affect environmental factors, species and habitats.

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    Landcare facilitation: Facilitating cooperation with Bunul Bun Corner Dating 56, nature conservation and local authorities. Landcare is a community participation model based on voluntary groups of farmers and other committed people working together at a local level to address local issues.

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    The focus is on developing, sharing and implementing more sustainable ways of managing land and water resources, conserving biodiversity and creating sustainable livelihoods for local people.

    The external expert tasks are: coordinating the project professional contents; to keep in touch with the internal and external contributors; evaluate professional chapters of the project reports; contact with suppliers; professional coordination; documenting professional progress; preparation of professional reports.

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